Matterport Camera

The Matterport camera is a state of the art piece of technology that not only photographs a home or business, but also creates a 3D map at the same time.  This can be used as a fully interactive 3D tour, giving a potential customer or client the ability to “walk”; through a home, up and down a marina, around a boat, or into a business without ever leaving the comfort of their home.  This groundbreaking technology is changing today’s market, from the way homes are sold to how items, such as boats, are rented.  There are many industries using this technology, including, but not limited to; Real Estate, Engineering, Rental, Construction, and Entertainment.  The Matterport camera is one of the most valuable tools we offer here at SB Photography, and it is something we like to pride ourselves in specializing in.  Below you will find some of our featured tours.


Mattertags are used to draw attention to specific features throughout the Matterport tour.  Highlighting these features allows you to deliver more information in the areas where it will be most effective.

Ask us about getting a 2D or 3D floorplan made with your Matterport

Featured Matterport 3D Interactive Tours