We are working towards partnering with companies that offer services that are complementary to ours, and that are beneficial to our clients. One of the closest partnerships that we currently have is with May & Company, LLC Real Estate Services.  They offer a wide range of real estate brokerage and management services.

MAY CO LOGO - Partnerships

If you are looking for options to assist with selling or renting your properties May & Company Real Estate Services offers multiple options, and levels of service, depending on your needs. Call them for more information (318-734-3440), or visit their website (


A few of these options include:

  • $349.00 flat fee MLS listings
  • 1% listing broker commission for basic marketing services (the same services offered by 90% of all Realtors.
  • Discounted or zero listing commission fee for “flippers” and many other clients who have a repetitive need for services.
  • No broker fees, buyer fees, or any other “add-on” charges
  • In many cases they will cover the cost of our services with a full service listing!



If you operate or know of a company whose services would complement our own, please call or email us to let us know!